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Self-equalizing loudspeaker system
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1. A digital audio equalization system comprising:
a processor and non-transitory memory having stored therein instructions that when executed by the processor
compute an impulse response between i) an audio signal that is being output as sound by a loudspeaker that is integrated in a loudspeaker enclosure, and ii) a microphone signal from a microphone that is recording the output by the loudspeaker and that is also integrated in the loudspeaker enclosure,
analyze the impulse response to extract a reverberation level at each of a plurality of frequency bands, to yield a reverberation spectrum,
estimate sound power spectrum at a listening distance from the loudspeaker, based on the reverberation spectrum, and
determine an equalization filter based on i) the estimated sound power spectrum and ii) a desired frequency response at the listening distance, wherein the equalization filter is to filter a user audio program signal for output by the loudspeaker.