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Compact networking device for remote stations
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1. A tower-mounted networking device, comprising:
a mounting bracket for mounting the device on a radio tower or wall;
a chassis comprising a weather-resistant printed circuit board (PCB) chamber capable of resisting weather intrusion, wherein the chassis is capable of dissipating heat away from high-power electronics of an internal PCB in the PCB chamber without requiring ventilation ports on the chassis;
a first port capable of receiving both power from a power source and data from a network connection;
a plurality of network ports, each of which is capable of providing a network connection;
power circuitry on the internal PCB configured to:
receive power from the first port; and
provide power via a second port of the plurality of network ports; and
forwarding circuitry on the internal PCB configured to determine the second port as an output port for a packet received via the first port.