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Platform to provide supplemental media content based on content of a media stream and a user accessing the media stream
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1. A method, comprising:
detecting, by a device, that a user device is receiving a media stream associated with a vehicle,
wherein the user device is associated with a user account of a user;
receiving, by the device, activity data associated with the user account, and
wherein the activity data relates to online activity involving the vehicle;
determining, by the device, a characteristic of the user based on the activity data;
identifying, by the device, media content of the media stream,
wherein the media content includes media that is being provided, via a user interface of the user device, and that is associated with the vehicle;
performing, by the device and based on detecting that the user device is receiving the media stream, a search of a database that stores feature information for the vehicle,
the search being based on the characteristic of the user;
receiving, by the device and based on the search, at least one search result specifying a feature of the vehicle that corresponds to the characteristic of the user;
determining, by the device, that the feature is in the media content,
obtaining, by the device, feature content associated with the feature based on feature information associated with the feature,
wherein the feature information is stored in a data structure that includes information associated with the vehicle; and
determining, by the device and for the feature content, a location within a field of view of the media stream,
the field of view of the media stream providing a view of the feature; and
inserting, by the device, within the media stream, and while the feature is within the field of view of the media stream, the feature content at the location within the field of view of the media stream.