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Display device and control method therefor
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1. A display device comprising:
a display,
a storage configured to store a content corresponding to a user,
a sub-processor configured to receive, from a sensor, a first detection signal indicative of the user in a first area among a plurality of areas divided according to a distance from the display device; and
a processor configured to, based on the sub-processor receiving, from the sensor, the first detection signal indicative of the user in the first area during a time period that the display is in an inactivated state, automatically perform the following operations:
become activated by the sub-processor,
upon becoming activated, obtain the content corresponding to the user from the storage,
request a server to transmit information on the obtained content that is generated based on a time point at which the processor became activated,
receive the information from the server, and
update the obtained content based on the received information,
wherein the processor is further configured to, based on receiving, from the sensor, a second detection signal indicative of the user in a second area closer to the display device than the first area, among the plurality of areas, activate the display from the inactivated state and control to display the updated content through the activated display.