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Conferencing apparatus and method for switching access terminal thereof
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1. A conference server comprising:
a conference information management module configured to generate mapping information for terminal identification information of a first terminal and access information of a conference participant who is accessing a conference through the first terminal; and
an access switch module configured to provide a token corresponding to the mapping information to the first terminal according to an access terminal switch request from the first terminal and, when the token is received from a second terminal, switch a terminal of the conference participant from the first terminal to the second terminal according to validity of the received token,
wherein the token includes identification information of an access switch target terminal received from the first terminal,
wherein the access switch module determines that the received token is valid when the identification information of the access switch target terminal included in the received token is identical to identification information of the second terminal, and
wherein the access switch module includes the token in an access link to the conference server and provides the access link in which the token is included to the first terminal.