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Vehicle undercarriage imaging system
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1. A vehicle undercarriage imaging system comprising:
a mirror assembly including a base and a mirror surface, the mirror surface having a width and the mirror assembly having a height;
a camera positionable at a location that is central in a width direction along the mirror surface and spaced apart from the mirror surface in a depth direction that is normal to the width direction, the camera having a field of view oriented toward the mirror surface;
wherein the mirror surface is angled in the depth direction such that a reflected field of view that is viewable in the mirror surface at the camera is above the mirror assembly in the height direction, and
wherein the camera is configured to capture sequential images of at least a portion of a vehicle undercarriage passing above the mirror assembly within the reflected field of view, and
wherein the mirror assembly includes an extension arm movably attached to the base at a first end of the extension arm, the extension arm including a camera mount at a second end of the extension arm.