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Imaging apparatus and control method thereof
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1. An imaging apparatus having (a) an imaging unit that outputs data of a plurality of pixel portions by a first stream and (b) a memory unit having a buffer function that stores image signals of a plurality of frames based on the data, the imaging apparatus comprising:
a controller having a processor which executes instructions stored in a memory or having circuitry, the controller being configured to function as:
(1) an acquisition unit configured to acquire still image data that corresponds to a timing at which an instruction to capture a still image has been provided, by a second stream that is different from the first stream in the imaging unit;
(2) a determination unit configured to determine a frame to be used for a moving image that corresponds to the timing from the frames stored in the memory unit; and
(3) a control unit configured to perform control in which an image signal of the frame to be used for the moving image determined by the determination unit is output to a storage destination,
wherein a resolution of the data output by the first stream is lower than a resolution of the still image data output by the second stream, and wherein the still image data is output by the second stream while the data is output by the first stream.