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Apparatus and method for flexible access control and resource control in a decentralized system
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1. A mechanism for managing a decentralized application functioning within an application shard in a decentralized network, the mechanism comprising:
an access control mechanism including access logic that determines if a request to submit a transaction for execution by the decentralized application is valid, wherein the request is received from an originator through the decentralized application; and
a resource control mechanism subject to being called when a request is determined by the access control mechanism to be a valid request, the resource control mechanism including:
resource logic that determines if a criterion is satisfied, the criterion including one or more of a first criterion associated with the originator and a second criterion associated with the application shard, and
forwarding logic that initiates a forwarding of the validated request to the application shard if the criterion is satisfied, wherein the access control mechanism is resident in an access-control node comprising:
a network interface;
a memory; and
a processor coupled to the network interface and the memory and configured to:
provide the access logic to a monitor node over the network interface, wherein the monitor node enables an user interaction with the decentralized application, wherein the monitor node synchronizes with an application-shard node to provide a local access to the decentralized application at the monitor node, wherein the monitor node serves as a feedthrough node by providing an access of a user node to the decentralized application; and
execute the access logic locally within the access-control node, wherein the monitor node forms an access-node group allocated by a decentralized application owner, wherein the monitor node in the access-node group is available for a lease by other nodes within a large-scale decentralized network seeking to initiate a transaction, wherein the other nodes within the large-scale decentralized network are added to a pool of monitor node in the access-node group by initially posting a bond, wherein the monitor node is associated with a plurality of accounts that are compensated in exchange for the lease through an account credit, wherein the access control mechanism is embodied as a smart contract deployed in a public blockchain system.