US 10,893,108 B2
Maintaining application state of mobile endpoint device moving between virtualization hosts based on sharing connection-based metadata
Sebastian Jeuk, Munich (DE); Gonzalo Salgueiro, Raleigh, NC (US); and M. David Hanes, Lewisville, NC (US)
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1. A method comprising:
detecting, by an apparatus, establishment of a stateful application session between a mobile endpoint device and a stateful virtualized application executed by a first virtualization host in a data network, the mobile endpoint device establishing a network connection with the stateful virtualized application via a first wireless connection with a first network access point in the data network;
generating, by the apparatus, a connection container comprising a connection identifier uniquely identifying the network connection by the mobile endpoint device with the stateful virtualized application, connection metadata associated with the connection identifier and describing the network connection and the first wireless connection, and application state metadata describing execution of the stateful virtualized application for the mobile endpoint device;
predicting by the apparatus, while the mobile endpoint device is connected with the first network access point via the first wireless connection and prior to the mobile endpoint device establishing a wireless connection with a second network access point, an estimated time of arrival that identifies a future event of the mobile endpoint device connecting with the second network access point and disconnecting from the first network access point; and
generating and outputting, by the apparatus based on predicting the future event, a movement notification that specifies the estimated time of arrival, the connection identifier, and the associated application state metadata, the movement notification causing a second virtualization host associated with the second network access point to provide continuous execution of the stateful virtualized application as the mobile endpoint device connects with the second network access point.