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Distributed and scalable storage management using a storage-microservices server
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1. A data storage management system for managing storage operations by a service interposed between clients and a storage manager, the system comprising:
a first computing device comprising a group storage service and a client-group management database;
a client-group, wherein each client in the client-group comprises a second computing device and a data agent executing thereon that is associated with data generated by the respective second computing device;
a third computing device comprising the storage manager and a management database that comprises information for managing storage operations at a plurality of clients in the data storage management system, including the clients in the client-group;
wherein the group storage service that executes on the first computing device is configured to:
(i) incorporate one or more portions of the management database that are received from the storage manager into the client-group management database at the first computing device, wherein each received portion comprises information pertaining to at least one client in the client-group but not to other clients in the plurality of clients, and
(ii) use the client-group management database to serve a first data agent at a first client in the client-group for performing storage operations for data generated by the first client; and
wherein the storage manager is configured to:
set a trigger for detecting changes in a first table in the management database, wherein the first table comprises information pertaining to at least one client in the client-group,
copy into a capture table one or more rows that changed in the first table, and
extract from the capture table into an extracted client table each row that pertains to the first client.