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Quality of service in virtual service networks
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1. A method for enforcing Quality of Service (“QoS”) in a Virtual Service Network (“VSN”), comprising:
defining, in a virtual layer, bandwidth values for each slice;
weighting a first slice based on its bandwidth value relative to the bandwidth values of the other slices;
receiving packets at a physical switch having ingress ports and egress ports;
placing the packets into a slice-based pool having ingress queues, the ingress queues each corresponding to a slice in the VSN, wherein an agent running on the physical switch places the packets into the ingress queues based on slice classifications of the packets, wherein a first packet is classified differently than a second packet;
routing the packets from the ingress queues to egress queues for the egress ports, the egress queues corresponding to the slices in the VSN; and
forwarding the packets from the egress queues according to a policing algorithm, wherein the first packet is sent before the second packet based on having a prioritized slice classification, the prioritized slice classification being based on the weight of the first slice.