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Methods, systems, and computer readable media for intelligent network topology mapping
Madhu Hosakoppa Rangappagowda, Cary, NC (US); Florin Ciodaru, Chapel Hill, NC (US); and Nicolas Ribault, Issy les Moulineaux (FR)
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1. A method for intelligent network topology mapping, the method comprising:
identifying network paths between a source and a destination, wherein identifying the network paths includes: for a hop in network topology:
selecting a number of probe packets for revealing an expected number of next hops reachable from the hop;
maintaining a list of flows reaching the hop;
selecting flow parameters for each of the probe packets, wherein selecting the flow parameters for each of the probe packets includes selecting at least some of the flow parameters from the list, obtaining machine type or software version information of the hop, using the machine type or software version information to identify a load sharing algorithm used by the hop, and using the load sharing algorithm to set boundary conditions for selecting the flow parameters for each of the probe packets;
generating the number of probe packets and including the selected flow parameters in the probe packets;
transmitting the number of probe packets to the hop;
receiving responses to the probe packets;
recording network addresses of next hops revealed by the responses; and generating, from the network addresses of next hops, a network topology map illustrating the network paths.