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Managing physical network function instances in a network service instance
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1. A non-transitory computer-readable storage medium having computer-readable instructions stored thereon, the computer-readable instructions to, when executed, instruct a processor of a management function of a wireless communication system to manage physical network function (PNF) instances in a network service (NS) instance, the instructions to:
generate an update NS request to send from the management function to a network functions virtualization orchestrator (NFVO) to update the NS instance, the update NS request comprising an NS instance identifier, an update type, and PNF information;
process an update NS response from the NFVO, the update NS response comprising a lifecycle operation occurrence identifier corresponding to an NS lifecycle operation occurrence;
process an NS Lifecycle Change notification from the NFVO, the NS Lifecycle Change notification indicating a start of an NS update; and
process an NS identifier change notification from the NFVO, the NS identifier change notification indicating a result of the NS update.