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Systems and methods for managing a mobile network infrastructure in a network of moving things
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1. A method of operating a node of a wireless network comprising a plurality of nodes configured to communicate with one another, the method comprising:
receiving, by a first node at a first physical location, a request to perform a specified action according to a set of requirements supported by the first node, using resources of the first node or resources of the wireless network for performing the specified action;
performing the specified action, by the first node during a first time period, in response to the request;
placing in storage, at the first node, a record of performance of the specified action, the record of performance comprising information identifying a source of the request, information identifying the first node, information identifying the specified action, information identifying the first time period, information identifying an amount of each resource used for performing the specified action, wherein the each resource is one of the resources of the first node or one of the resources of the wireless network, and information identifying the first physical location;
determining, by the first node, a deadline for delivery of the record of performance to a remote system that manages operation of the wireless network;
selecting, by the first node from a plurality of types of communication connections supported by the first node, a type of communication connection to be used for delivery of the record of performance to the remote system, based on the record of performance and the deadline for delivery; and
delivering the record of performance to the remote system by the first node using the type of communication connection selected by the first node.