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Scalable statistics and analytics mechanisms in cloud networking
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1. A system for data collection and aggregation for logical objects of an application centric network, the system comprising:
one or more processors; and
at least one computer-readable storage medium having stored thereon instructions which, when executed by the one or more processors, cause the system to:
assume a role of a Designated Stats device or a Member Stats device;
in response to assuming the role of the Designated Stats device:
receive data reported from a downstream Member Stats device communicated over an analytics plane associated with the application centric network; and
aggregate data from downstream Member Stats devices belonging to a same logical object, the same logical object comprising at least an access control list rule configured on the downstream Member Stats devices; and
in response to assuming the role as the Member Stats device:
select an upstream Designated Stats device to report statistics to; and
report the statistics to the selected upstream Designated Stats device over the analytics plane.