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System and method for network apparatus management
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1. A system for managing a network apparatus of a communication network, the system comprising:
a network management center including a management-on-board manager; and
a management-on-board agent executable at the network apparatus;
wherein the management-on-board agent is configured to perform, when executed at the network apparatus, a number of static operations to carry out at least part of a management task on the network apparatus, said static operations being explicitly defined by a predefined logic of said management-on-board agent,
the management-on-board agent being further configured to dynamically modify a behavior of the management-on-board agent by adapting to possible events related to the network apparatus not foreseen by the predefined logic of the management-on-board agent by retrieving, during execution of the at least part of the management task, at least one instruction from the management-on-board manager identifying a further operation, translating the at least one instruction into a corresponding network apparatus-specific instruction, to complete the management task and execute the at least one translated instruction for completing the management task.