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Polar coding method, apparatus, and device
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1. A polar coding method, comprising:
obtaining, by an apparatus, to-be-coded bits;
obtaining, by the apparatus, a second sequence as a mother code sequence for coding the to-be-encoded bits into a target polar code, the second sequence comprising a sub-sequence of a maximum mother code sequence or comprising the maximum mother code sequence, wherein the maximum mother code sequence comprising N sequence numbers of N polarized channels and the N sequence numbers are sorted in ascending order or descending order of reliability metrics of the N polarized channels, the second sequence comprising L sequence numbers, with an ordering of the L sequence numbers in the second sequence being the same as an ordering of the L sequence numbers in the maximum mother code sequence, wherein L and N are an integer power of 2, and L is smaller than or equal to N;
performing, by the apparatus, polar coding on the to-be-coded bits based on the second sequence;
outputting, by the apparatus, a sequence resulting from the polar coding.