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Multi-channel communications system using mobile airborne platforms
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1. A communications system comprising:
a ground hub comprising:
a first antenna system configured to receive return-link signals radiated respectively by a plurality of mobile airborne platforms, the return-link signals corresponding to first signal streams transmitted by a user terminal and received by the mobile airborne platforms, the first signal streams corresponding to first data streams including a known pilot code stream;
a beam-forming system coupled to the first antenna system, configured to form beams to receive the return-link signals and transform the received return-link signals into baseband signals; and
a baseband processor coupled to the beam-forming system, comprising:
adaptive equalizers configured to equalize the baseband signals and output equalized baseband signals; and
a wavefront demultiplexing processor configured to perform a wavefront demultiplexing transform on the equalized baseband signals and output second data streams as recovered versions of the first data streams, a first one of the second data streams being a recovered version of the known pilot code stream.