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Fuel cell system and operating method thereof
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1. A method for operating a fuel cell system for generating power, the method comprising:
supplying to a fuel reformer of an anode recirculation loop, a fuel from a fuel supply device and a tail gas from an anode outlet of an anode of a fuel cell stack;
receiving a reformate at a reformer outlet of the fuel reformer, wherein the reformate is divided into a recirculated reformate and a slip reformate, and wherein the recirculated reformate is recirculated back to the anode inlet of the anode;
measuring a fuel flow rate of the fuel provided into a reformer inlet of the fuel reformer;
measuring a current drawn from the fuel cell stack by an electrical load;
measuring a recycle ratio in the anode recirculation loop defined as a flow rate ratio of the recirculated reformate to the reformate; and
estimating a fuel utilization of the fuel cell stack based on the measured fuel flow rate, the measured current and the measured recycle ratio; and
controlling the fuel cell system based on the estimated fuel utilization of the fuel cell stack.