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Hall-effect sensor package with added current path
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1. A Hall-effect sensor package, comprising:
an integrated circuit (IC) die including at least one Hall-effect sensor element and signal processing circuitry including at least an amplifier coupled to an output node of the Hall-effect element;
a leadframe including:
a plurality of leads including a first plurality of leads on a first side of the package providing a first field generating current (FGC) path including at least one first FGC input pin coupled by a reduced width first curved head over or under the Hall-effect sensor element to at least one first FGC output pin and a second plurality of leads on a second side of the package that is opposite to the first side;
wherein at least some of the plurality of leads on the second side are attached to bond pads on the IC die including to an output of the Hall-effect sensor element, and
a clip attached at one end to a location on the first FGC input pin and at another end to a location on the first FGC output pin with a reduced width second curved head in between that is over or under the Hall-effect sensor element opposite the first curved head for providing a parallel FGC path with respect to the first FGC path.