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Method of rounding fin-shaped structure
Hao-Hsuan Chang, Kaohsiung (TW); Bin-Siang Tsai, Changhua County (TW); Ting-An Chien, Tainan (TW); and Yi-Liang Ye, Kaohsiung (TW)
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1. A method of rounding fin-shaped structures, comprising:
providing a substrate comprising fin-shaped structures, and pad oxide caps and pad nitride caps stacked from bottom to top covering top surfaces of the fin-shaped structures from bottom to top;
forming an isolation structure by filling in spaces between the fin-shaped structures;
performing a removing process to remove a top part of the isolation structure and expose the pad oxide caps, the pad nitride caps and top parts of the fin-shaped structures;
performing an oxidation process to oxidize sidewalls of the top parts of the fin-shaped structures, thereby forming oxidized parts covering sidewalls of the top parts of the fin-shaped structures;
removing the pad nitride caps;
and removing the pad oxide caps and the oxidized parts at the same time, thereby forming rounded fin-shaped structures;
forming an oxide layer conformally covering the isolation structure and the rounded fin-shaped structures;
performing an implantation process to form wells in the rounded fin-shaped structures;
and removing the oxide layer after the implantation process is performed.