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Apparatuses comprising protective material along surfaces of tungsten-containing structures
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1. An apparatus comprising:
a series of tungsten-containing lines extending across a supporting base; the tungsten-containing lines being spaced apart from one another;
each of the tungsten-containing lines comprising, along a cross-section, a bottom surface facing the supporting base and being in direct physical contact with a conductive structure, an opposing top surface consisting essentially of tungsten, and a pair of sidewall surfaces consisting essentially of tungsten extending downwardly from the top surface, the conductive structure and the tungsten-containing line being of an identical width; and
protective material along the top surfaces and the sidewall surfaces of the tungsten-containing lines; the protective material comprising titanium nitride; the titanium nitride of the protective material having a surface consisting essentially of titanium nitride directly against the top and sidewall surfaces that consist essentially of tungsten.