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ICP antenna and substrate processing device including the same
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1. A method for processing a substrate disposed in a chamber using plasma generated in the chamber by an inductively coupled plasma (ICP) antenna, the ICP antenna comprising a first impedance having a first antenna coil positioned on a first region of the chamber and a second impedance having a second antenna coil positioned on a second region of the chamber, and a variable capacitor connected in parallel to the second antenna coil to form an LC circuit, the first impedance and the second impedance being connected in series to each other so that the ICP antenna having has one end connected to an RF power source through an impedance matching circuit and another end that is grounded, the method comprising:
adjusting capacitance of the variable capacitor so that the LC circuit approaches a LC resonance condition;
increasing impedance of the second impedance and a total impedance of the ICP antenna; and
decreasing a total current of the ICP antenna and a density of a first plasma generated by the first antenna coil so that a uniformity of a total plasma generated in the chamber is controlled.