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Systems and methods for determining the identity of alleles from genomic sequencing data
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1. A method for identifying an allele within a genomic sample, the method comprising:
obtaining, by a computing device, a plurality of paired-end fragments from a genomic sample;
extracting, by the computing device, a group of nucleotide substrings from each pair-end fragment;
comparing, by the computing device, each nucleotide substring within the group of nucleotide substrings to reference nucleotide substrings within an index that provides a mapping between each reference nucleotide substring and an allele that contains the reference nucleotide substring;
identifying, by the computing device, for each nucleotide substring, a subset of alleles that contain the nucleotide substring based on the comparing and the mapping;
identifying, by the computing device, alleles that are present in two or more of the identified subsets of alleles;
determining, by the computing device, for each identified allele, a probability that the genomic sample comprises the allele based on a number of the plurality of paired-end fragments that include a nucleotide substring from the allele; and
identifying, by the computing device, an allele is within the genomic sample when the allele has a greatest determined probability compared to that of the determined probabilities for the identified alleles.