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Mobile credential management system for vehicle key box access control
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1. A mobile credential management system comprising:
a processing system; and
a memory system comprising computer-executable instructions that, when executed by the processing system, cause the processing system to perform a plurality of operations, the operations comprising:
issuing a credential to a mobile device of a user, the mobile device comprising a computing device operable to trigger opening of a releasable latch of a vehicle key box responsive to a controller of the vehicle key box wirelessly receiving the credential from the mobile device within an assigned window of time;
monitoring for a releasable latch opened indicator from the vehicle key box indicative of the vehicle key box acknowledging validation of the credential from the mobile device within the assigned window of time and providing access to a vehicle key corresponding to a vehicle assigned to the vehicle key box; and
sending a notification to a user system responsive to receiving the releasable latch opened indicator, the notification identifying the vehicle and information about the user of the mobile device.