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Process allowing the removal through digital refocusing of fixed-pattern noise in effective images formed by electromagnetic sensor arrays in a light field
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1. A process for removal of fixed-pattern noise in images formed by electromagnetic sensor arrays in a light field, comprising the following steps:
a. forming a digital image from an electromagnetic sensor array;
b. forming a light field defined as an image matrix having a plurality of at least 2×2 digital images of a scene, wherein each digital image of the matrix has a separation distance of at least a size of an effective area of an electromagnetic sensor which is built up through a single array of electromagnetic sensors and multiple focusing systems of electromagnetic radiation; and
c. reconstructing an image by means of digital refocusing from the light field on two different refocus planes, a first plane being a near focal plane and a second plane being a far plane corresponding to an infinity, and by converting spatial information of the light field to information in frequency space using a digital refocusing algorithm where noise is progressively eliminated as the refocus planes are brought closer together with respect to an observer.