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Image processing method and apparatus
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1. An image processing method comprising:
generating an omnidirectional spherical image;
determining information regarding a director's view that indicates some regions of the omnidirectional spherical image;
generating a projection image by projecting the omnidirectional spherical image to a development view of a polyhedron;
dividing, from the projection image, a director's view projection image corresponding to the director's view, based on the information regarding the director's view;
when the projection image is an icosahedral projection image, reshaping the director's view projection image into a director's view rectangular image by determining, for each row of the director's view projection image, a vertical movement direction of pixels included in the each row, and vertically moving, in an upward or downward direction, the pixels included in the each row according to the determined vertical movement direction; and
generating a bitstream into which the director's view rectangular image is encoded.