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System and method for promotion reimbursement
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1. A checkout apparatus, comprising:
a vertically arranged checkout kiosk having a customer interface atop a kiosk housing including a bagging station projecting on one side, a transaction shelving center projecting on an opposite side and a centrally located scanner between the bagging station and an item load area for inputting an item for purchase into a checkout transaction;
a host computer with a programmable processor and storage unit in communication with the kiosk;
a point-of-sale checkout system operating in conjunction with the host computer;
the item for purchase from a retail store comprising an item identification information readable by the centrally located scanner and passed to the point-of sale-checkout system, wherein the item identification information is parsed to recognize if the item for purchase is associated with a discount promotion, and to produce both an entry record on a transaction listing and an entry record on a promotion reimbursement listing for items identified as associated with the discount promotion, and wherein the promotion reimbursement listing for items is associated with a promotion reimbursement program account file stored in the storage unit of the host computer;
the point-of-sale system including an internal promotion module in communication with and integrated from a market place having a listing of the available discount promotions from a promotion portal and housing the promotion reimbursement listing such that when a retailer selects one of the available discount promotions from the portal, the promotion module integrates from the market place to the point-of-sale system to operate internally within the point-of-sale system;
the point of sale system thereafter comprising a requirements rules engine including:
an internal retailer promotion selection option resulting in an activation of one of the discount promotions,
a promotion recordation component providing the entry record on the promotion reimbursement listing,
a promotion reimbursement component associated with the promotion recordation component to provide the promotion reimbursement program account file,
a redemption component associated with the promotion reimbursement component to formulate a redemption request record for a redemption payment,
wherein the programmable processor is configured to match the item for purchases item identification information with an item contained in an activated discount promotion listing, determine a promotion reimbursement program account file that is associated with the item identification information according to a predetermined promotion set of conditions, and determine the discount promotions reimbursement programs in the promotion reimbursement account file;
wherein the point-of-sale system with the integrated promotion module is configured for a merchant in an internal, closed-loop point-of-sale interaction to;
(a) identify, prior to the purchase transaction a promotion program item for purchase,
(b) apply a selected promotion to the purchase transaction,
(c) record the applied promotion in an executed promotion reimbursement file record associated with a promotion originator, and
(d) route an executed promotion record that is associated with a promotion originator to the originator as a billing for an executed promotion reimbursement
wherein the promotion record is created within the point-of-sale system and shareable between the retailer and an originator by way of the promotion portal, the promotion module, and the closed-loop point-of-sale interaction within the point-of-sale system to ensure the promotion originator that discounts will only be provided when all of the promotion originator's requirements have been met.