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Directed content to anonymized users
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1. A computer-implemented method for identifying and providing content, the method comprising:
receiving, at a content server, a group identifier that is specific to a group having a plurality of anonymous users;
identifying, by the content server and using the group identifier, a respective set of preferences for each of the plurality of anonymous users based on anonymized data received by the content server that is descriptive of an interest of the group;
detecting, by the content server, receipt of signal data in response to user interaction with an executable script that the content server embedded with a resource of a web page requested by a client device of an anonymous user in the group, wherein the signal data includes the group identifier to anonymously convey a content preference of the anonymous user;
determining, based on the signal data, that content to be directed by the content server is responsive to preferences of the anonymous user and the group, without using digital data that individually identifies any of the anonymous users in the group;
selecting, using the content server, content available for delivery to the anonymous user based on a determination that the content is responsive to a respective set of preferences for the user that were obtained using the group identifier included in the signal data; and
providing the selected content for display on the client device of the anonymous user.