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Merchant point of sale security system
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1. A method for providing security to point of sale (POS) devices, comprising:
receiving first environment signals from a first environment sensor of a first POS device and second environment signals from second environment sensor of a second POS device, the first environment signals and the second environment signals indicative of a wireless signal quality of a wireless environment at one or more of the first POS device and the second POS device;
analyzing the first environment signals and the second environment signals to determine a wireless signal quality change in the wireless environment that is indicative of a security breach;
providing a security breach result of the analyzing via a user interface;
determining whether to transition at least one of the first POS device or the second POS device from executing purchase instructions for conducting purchase transactions within a first time period to executing security instructions within a second time period; and
determining whether to transition a customer engagement device from executing customer purchase instructions for conducting customer purchase transactions within a third time period to executing customer security instructions within a fourth time period.