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Supervised learning system training using chatbot interaction
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1. An apparatus comprising:
a memory; and
a processor coupled to the memory and configured to:
receive input from a cloud service data source, wherein the input comprises at least one data point;
analyze the data point via a machine learning model to determine characteristics indicated by the data point using a machine learning model;
determine whether the characteristics indicated by the data point meet an alert threshold that indicates a problem in a network;
generate an alert ticket based on the analysis of the data point when the characteristics indicated by the data point meet the alert threshold, wherein the alert ticket indicates the problem in the network;
communicate, via a chatbot, with a user based on contents of the alert ticket;
receive, via the chatbot, feedback from the user relating to the alert ticket; categorize, via the chatbot, the data point that resulted in the alert ticket based at least in part on the feedback from the user; and
train the machine learning model according to the feedback received from the user.