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Semi-automated methods for translating structured document content to chat-based interaction
Scott Carter, Menlo Park, CA (US); Laurent Denoue, Vento (IT); and Matthew L. Cooper, San Francisco, CA (US)
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1. A method of converting a document from a first structure to a second structure, comprising:
extracting data of the document to associate fields and labels in the first structure to generate field/label associations of the document for the first structure;
generating a grouping comprising a field/label association by an automatic input that does not require an operator;
receiving a non-automated operator input selecting the field/label association and one or more other field/label associations or an open label;
updating the grouping, in a semi-automatic manner, based on the received non-automated operator input to associate the field/label association with the one or more other field/label associations or the open label; and
based on the operator input and a spatial arrangement of the first structure, providing the grouping in the second structure, the grouping is remapped as a natural conversational unit that replaces the field and the label,
wherein for the operator input provided at the first structure, and the natural conversation unit comprises a single query including the field/label association and the one or more other field/label associations or the open label,
wherein the operator input comprises at least one of a gesture and a line that remaps the field and label of the first structure into the natural conversational unit of the second structure, and
wherein the gesture is a mark associated with the received operator input, wherein the mark contacts the field/label association to be grouped with the one or more other field/label associations.