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Secure distribution of an image
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1. A method for the display of an image in a display area, the method comprising the steps of:
requesting, from a server, a scrambled image file using an image identifier, the scrambled image file containing the image in a scrambled form;
receiving the scrambled image file;
dividing the scrambled image file into a plurality of image fragments, the image fragments having a first order within the scrambled image file, wherein dividing the scrambled image file into a plurality of image fragments is defined by a slicing map generated using the image identifier, the slicing map defining the boundary between image fragments within the scrambled image file, each image fragment having a shape and the slicing map being generated such that the shape of at least some of the image fragments are different to the shape of at least some of the other image fragments; and
rendering the image fragments on to the display area in a second order generated using the image identifier to display the image in unscrambled form.