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Device with a camera for real-time risk detection of password leakage
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1. A computing device comprising:
a camera;
a memory having stored therein a grant list and a risk list, with the grant list including at least one authorized face ID, and with the risk list including at least one identified object that presents a risk to the user's operating environment; and
a processor coupled to said memory and said camera and configured perform the following:
execute a user application that requires sensitive information to be entered by the user,
activate said camera prior to the sensitive information being entered by the user, and
operate an analyze engine to perform the following:
analyze an image as provided by said activated camera,
validate the user based on the analyzed image and the at least one face ID in the grant list, and
in response to a validated user, alert the user of a risk for leakage of the sensitive information to be entered into the user application based on detection of at least one object in the analyzed image that is in the risk list.