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1. A method for enabling a software module included in a plurality of software modules of an application package installed on a computer system configured to control a turbomachine, the method comprising:
receiving, via a processor of the computer system, a request for executing the software module;
via the processor of the computer system, generating a first code, encrypting the first code, and associating the first code with the software module;
via the processor of the computer system determining whether the first code matches with a second code associated with the software module, the determining including executing a verification protocol on at least one of the first code and the second code, the verification protocol including calculating a check value for at least one of the first code and the second code;
via the processor of the computer system, activating the software module automatically and without human intervention when the verification protocol indicates that the first code includes no error; and
tuning at least one function of a turbomachine train with the activated software to alter an aspect of turbomachine performance, said tuning comprising tuning a combustion mapping to control emissions of the turbomachine train.