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Recommending contacts in a social network
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1. A computer-readable memory containing instructions for controlling a computing system to identify potential contacts for a target user, the instructions comprising instructions that, when executed, control the computing system to:
access a plurality of contact lists of users, each contact list identifying contacts of a user;
identify, from a contact list of the target user, contact paths from the target user to candidate users that are within a maximum contact path length, a contact path being a directed path of contacts such that each contact in the directed path is in the contact list of the prior contact in the directed path;
filter the identified contact paths to remove contact paths that do not satisfy a set of recommendation criteria for a contact path, the set of recommendation criteria comprising:
a first recommendation criterion that a candidate user of the contact path is not in the contact list of the target user; and
a second recommendation criterion that there are multiple contact paths between the target user and the candidate user; and
generate, based on the filtered contact paths, a list of candidate users, the list ranked according to contact path length.