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Automatic conversation creator for news
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1. A computing device comprising:
a processor;
a display device; and
a computer-readable storage medium in communication with the processor, the computer-readable storage medium having computer-executable instructions stored thereupon which, when executed by the processor, cause the computing device to:
identify lexical-level features for a plurality of pairs of comments and replies previously posted to one or more content item webpages, the lexical-level features including identifying a cosine similarity between two vectors, a first of the two vectors representing a comment of one of the plurality of pairs of comments and replies and a second of the two vectors representing a reply of the one of the plurality of pairs of comments and replies, the two vectors associated with a term frequency of a term in the one of the pair of the plurality of replies and comments;
receive information associated with a content item produced by a source system, the content item being accessible to other computing devices via a network;
in response to receiving the information, identify a start comment;
in response to identifying the start comment, create a reply to the start comment using at least a ranking model, the ranking model created at least in part on the identified lexical-level features; and
output the start comment and the reply.