US 10,891,229 B2
Multi-level caching method and multi-level caching system for enhancing graph processing performance
Seunghun Yoo, Gumi-si (KR); Dojin Choi, Sangju-si (KR); Jongtae Lim, Cheongju-si (KR); Kyoungsoo Bok, Sejong-si (KR); and Jaesoo Yoo, Cheongju-si (KR)
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Filed on Dec. 14, 2018, as Appl. No. 16/221,286.
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1. A multi-level caching method comprising:
receiving a query request for graph data;
searching for the graph data within a first cache memory in which data output in response to a previous query request is stored;
re-searching for the graph data within a second cache memory in which neighboring data with prior access to the data stored within the first cache memory is stored when the graph data is not found in the first cache memory;
outputting first neighboring data found by the re-searching for the graph data when a response to the query request is output;
storing the first neighboring data within the first cache memory;
selecting data with prior access to the first neighboring data as new neighboring data;
replacing previously-stored neighboring data with the new neighboring data within the second cache memory;
identifying a list of vertices constituting a subgraph, for each previous query recorded in a query history table;
extracting a query pattern including a first vertex with a high frequency of use from the subgraph based on the list; and
setting a time-to-live (TTL) value of the first vertex based on a number of first vertices in the query pattern and a pattern weight assigned to the first vertex.