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Image processing apparatus, control method therefor, and storage medium to present a setting content
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1. An image processing apparatus that includes a plurality of functions of the image processing apparatus and arranges a first software key for activating one of the plurality of the functions in a first area displayed on a display of the image processing apparatus, the display being configured to display a second area in which at least a second software key generated in response to executing a job using one of the functions is arranged,
the image processing apparatus comprising:
at least one processor configured to cause the image processing apparatus to function as:
a display control unit configured to display a part of a setting content of the second software key on the second software key; and
a setting unit configured to set a mode for executing, by pressing the second software key, a function based on the setting content of the pressed second software key, without displaying a first screen with which the setting content of the pressed second software key is changeable,
wherein in a case where the mode is set by the setting unit, and the part of the setting content displayed on the pressed second software key is identical with a part of a setting content displayed on another second software key, a second screen is displayed to indicate the setting content corresponding to the pressed second software key.