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Computer input apparatus, pointing device and setting method thereof
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1. A computer input apparatus, comprising:
a mouse pad, including an indicating unit, a light controller and a wireless reception unit; and
a pointing device, including:
a displacement sensing part, detecting a displacement of the pointing device;
a light sensing part;
a non-volatile memory, storing a set of predetermined parameters, wherein each of the predetermined parameters corresponds to a preset light mode; and
a processing part, connected to the displacement sensing part, the light sensing part and the non-volatile memory;
wherein the light controller controls the indicating unit working in different light modes having different light colors or different flashing frequencies or turning off the indicating unit according to a switching signal;
wherein the wireless reception unit is connected to the light controller, and the light controller wirelessly receives the switching signal from a mobile device through the wireless reception unit;
wherein the processing part of the pointing device wirelessly receives a setting signal from the mobile device and turns on the light sensing part according to the setting signal;
wherein when the pointing device is operated on the mouse pad and the setting signal is received by the processing part and the light sensing part is turned on, the light sensing part detects the light mode of the indicating unit and the processing part selects and sets one of the predetermined parameters as a working parameter of the pointing device according to the detected light mode of the indicating unit,
wherein when the light sensing part of the pointing device detects and determines that the light mode of the indicating unit is identical with one of the preset light modes, the processing part of the pointing device selects and sets the predetermined parameter corresponding to the preset light mode identical with the detected light mode as the working parameter of the pointing device; and
wherein the working parameter is defined as one of a sensing resolution of a mouse, a USB report rate of a mouse, a frame rate of a mouse or a shortcut instruction.