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Computing devices with formed edges and methods of manufacturing thereof
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1. A computing device, comprising:
a display and a support structure; the support structure comprising: an input device connected to the display;
the support structure further comprising:
a first edge, a second edge, and a third edge; and
a cover permanently adhered to the support structure at the first edge, the second edge, and the third edge, the cover extends to or beyond the first edge of the support structure forming a gap of no more than 100 microns but greater than 0 microns over a length of the first edge of at least 100 mm,
wherein the cover has a cover edge and a cover surface, at least one of the cover edge and the cover surface having an edge feature; wherein the edge feature extends along an entirety of the edge of the computing device, by no more than 400 microns wide and 700 microns deep; wherein the edge feature further including a plurality of steps, the plurality of steps including at least three steps and forms an angle tangential relative to the plurality of steps; at least one of the steps having a depth no less than 70 microns; the edge feature further including a chamfer defining a radius between the cover edge and the cover surface.