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Electronic device
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1. An electronic device, comprising:
a first body;
a second body;
a rotating shaft, connected with the first body and the second body, the first body and the second body rotating relatively to be folded or unfolded via the rotating shaft;
at least one driving member, movably pivoted to the rotating shaft;
a third body, movably disposed at the second body, the third body being located on a moving path of the driving member, and the third body and the driving member rotating relative to the first body to be folded or unfolded along with the second body; and
a flexible display, disposed at the first body and the third body, wherein the driving member drives the third body to move close to or away from the first body in a rotating folding or unfolding process,
wherein the rotating shaft comprises an external thread, the driving member comprises an internal thread, the external thread is adapted to the internal thread, and the driving member, when rotating relative to the rotating shaft, moves along an axial direction of the rotating shaft.