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Recovery of reference clock on a device
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1. A method for generating a not-yet (NYET) signal in a recovered reference system for recovering a device reference clock on a device, wherein the NYET signal indicates that the device is not yet ready for transition into a low power mode, in order to improve a quality of a recovered reference clock representative of a host reference clock of a host communicatively coupled to the device, the method comprising:
detecting receipt of start-of-frame markers from the host to the device;
responsive to detecting receipt of the start-of-frame markers, determining whether a condition for NYET generation is being met;
responsive to the condition for NYET generation being met, generating the NYET signal to cause the host to continue generating the start-of-frame markers; and
responsive to the condition for NYET generation not being met, causing the device to generate an acknowledge signal for transition of the device into the low power mode.