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Vehicle leveling systems, devices and methods and computer program products for leveling vehicles using smart devices
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1. A system for leveling a vehicle, the system comprising:
a sensor device secured to a vehicle to sense an inclination of the vehicle in both a pitch direction and a roll direction when the vehicle is parked on an uneven surface of the ground, the sensor device comprising a printed circuit board that includes:
a digital accelerometer that permits calculation in both the pitch direction and roll direction, and
a processor to process data collected by the digital accelerator; and
a smart device in wireless communication with the sensor device, the smart device including a display screen;
wherein, based on the inclination of the vehicle as sensed by the sensor device, at least one of the sensor device and smart device is configured to determine adjustment pairs, each adjustment pair including a height adjustment amount and a corresponding adjustment direction needed to level a respective section of the vehicle by movement of the respective section of the vehicle with respect to the uneven surface of the ground by the height adjustment amount in the corresponding adjustment direction;
wherein the display device of the smart device is configured to display at least one image representative of the vehicle and showing the respective sections of the vehicle and to simultaneously display the height adjustment amount and corresponding adjustment direction of each adjustment pair adjacent to each respective section of the vehicle shown in the at least one image; and
wherein the smart device is further configured to update the display screen, substantially in real time, as one or more of the height adjustment amounts are changed.