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System and method for rotorcraft offshore approach
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1. A rotorcraft comprising:
a rotor system comprising a plurality of blades;
a control assembly operable to receive commands from a pilot;
a flight control system (FCS), the flight control system operable to control flight of the rotorcraft by changing an operating condition of the rotor system;
a flight management system (FMS) in signal communication with the control assembly and the FCS, the FMS being operable to:
receive a target location and a plurality of approach parameters from the control assembly;
generate a missed approach point (MAP) based on the target location and the plurality of approach parameters, wherein the MAP is generated independent of a current location of the rotorcraft;
after generating the MAP, receive a command to engage in an approach maneuver from the control assembly;
after receiving the command to engage in the approach maneuver, generate a plurality waypoints between the current location of the rotorcraft and the MAP based on the target location, the current location of the rotorcraft, and the plurality of approach parameters; and
in response to the command to engage in the approach maneuver, instruct the FCS to fly to the MAP; and
a go-around button in signal communication with the FCS, wherein the FCS is operable to engage in a go-around procedure in response to the go-around button being engaged.