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Developing device and remanufacturing method of developing device
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1. A remanufacturing method of a developing device, the developing device including,
a frame configured to store developer,
a developer carrying member configured to carry the developer, the developer carrying member being rotatably supported by the frame,
a regulating member including a regulating portion configured to regulate the developer carried on the developer carrying member, and a support portion configured to support the regulating portion, the support portion being fixed to the frame, and
a storage member configured to store the developer, the storage member being mounted on the regulating member,
wherein a storage portion configured to store the developer and a first opening communicating with the storage portion are formed between the storage member and the regulating member, the first opening is opposed to an exposed portion of the developer carrying member, and the exposed portion is exposed to an outside of the frame,
the remanufacturing method comprising:
forming a communicating hole communicating with the storage portion; and
removing the developer from the storage portion.