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Head mounted display device
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1. A head mounted display device, comprising:
a spectacles frame comprising an elongated frame having a first side, a second side and a plurality of separation bar protruded from the second side of the elongated frame, two connection portions respectively located at two opposite ends of the elongated frame, two receiving grooves respectively disposed between the first side and the second side of the elongated frame, and a nose-placing portion located on the elongated frame and interposed between the receiving grooves, and configured for aligning a nose bridge of a user;
two temples connected to the opposite ends of the spectacles frame, respectively, and pivotally connected by the connection portions, respectively;
two lenses fixed to the spectacles frame, wherein the receiving grooves are configured for respectively placing the two lenses fixedly; and
at least one optomechanical module loaded on the spectacles frame, jointed with one of the two lenses, and configured for outputting a signal to the one of the two lenses; and
a circuit board module disposed on the spectacles frame and electrically connected to the optomechanical module, and fixed to the second side of the elongated frame, and locked to the separation bars via a plurality of bolts, respectively.