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System and method for determining a velocity of a rotorcraft
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1. A method of operating a rotorcraft, the method comprising:
receiving a GPS carrier signal by a GPS sensor of the rotorcraft;
determining, by the GPS sensor, a groundspeed of the rotorcraft based on a Doppler shift of a received frequency of the GPS carrier signal;
receiving, by an attitude and heading reference system (AHRS) of the rotorcraft, acceleration data from an inertial sensor of the AHRS;
receiving, by the AHRS, an indication of groundspeed from the GPS sensor;
determining, by the AHRS, a velocity based on the groundspeed and the acceleration data;
receiving, at a flight control computer (FCC) of the rotorcraft, an indication of the velocity from the AHRS, determining, by the FCC, an actuator command based on the velocity; and
transmitting, by the FCC, the actuator command to a flight control device of the rotorcraft to control the flight control device according to the actuator command.