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Testing fixture, testing system for cell temperature probe and method for testing cell temperature probe
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1. A testing fixture for a cell temperature probe, adapted to a formation device and a central control system, with the formation device configured to perform a testing process according to a control command from the central control system, the testing fixture comprising:
a microcomputer communicatively connected to the central control system and configured to receive the control command for performing the testing process;
a measurement case having an outer surface and an inner surface opposite to the outer surface, with the outer surface comprising a probe-contacting area adapted to be contacted by the cell temperature probe within the formation device during the testing process, so that a sensing temperature value related to the measurement case is obtained by the cell temperature probe;
a temperature instrument electrically connected to the microcomputer, with the temperature instrument having a sensing terminal disposed on the inner surface of the measurement case, and a location of the sensing terminal disposed in the inner surface is aligned with the probe-contacting area in a direction of a thickness of the measurement case; and
a set of heaters electrically connected to the microcomputer and thermally connected to the measurement case, wherein the set of heaters includes two heat sources, and the two heat sources are respectively disposed on two opposite sides of the measurement case and configured to heat the measurement case for simulating a cell temperature variation during a charging and a discharging process.