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Devices for detecting analytes using thermal waves and related methods
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1. A device for detecting an analyte, the device comprising:
a substrate having a polymer material formed on a surface thereof, the polymer material formulated to bind to the analyte, wherein a heat transfer property of the polymer material is formulated to vary based on an amount of the analyte bound thereto;
a heat transfer element thermally coupled to a surface of the substrate opposite the polymer material;
a temperature modification device thermally coupled to the heat transfer element;
a controller configured to cause the temperature modification device to produce a thermal wave emanating from the heat transfer element;
a flow cell located and configured to pass a liquid over the polymer material of the substrate;
a temperature sensor configured to detect a temperature of the liquid passing over the polymer material; and
a processor configured to calculate a concentration of an analyte in the liquid based at least in part on a phase shift between the thermal wave at the heat transfer element and an attenuated thermal wave in the liquid.